Every week for one month, Flyn Tracy and I are going over the basics of Adobe’s powerful editing app, Premiere Pro.

Episode three went out live on 26 May, 2020, at 8:30am AEST time. You can relive the experience here:

We’re up to three episodes; Entertainment Tonight are calling them “the most enthralling Premiere tutorials of the pandemic so far”. Episode one, episode two.

What we covered in Episode Three.

Grab bag

  • Search bins
  • Navigating with timecode
  • Making multiple edits simultaneously

Advanced editing

  • Add edit, all tracks (⌘k, ⌘⇧k)
  • Trim editor (⇧t)
  • Mark selection (/), mark clip (x)
  • Match frame and reverse match frame (f, ⇧r)
  • Slip ‘n’ slide (y, u)
  • The mighty REPLACE edit
  • Matching an edit to a song beat