This is part one of a four-part series I presented for Adobe Live, with Flyn Tracy. Every week for one month we’re going over the basics of Adobe’s powerful editing app, Premiere Pro.

Tune in for a TWO HOUR white-knuckle thrill ride into the bewildering wonder of … timelines.

What we covered. Roughly.


  • Workspaces
    • changing the layout
  • Program monitor
    • what do the buttons do?
  • Source monitor
  • Timeline
  • Workspace layouts
  • Tools!

Importing media

  • Drag straight from the Desktop, or double click “Import media to start”
  • Organising media into bins
  • Hover scrub
  • What are PEK files?

Create a new timeline

  • Drag a clip into the timeline to change the sequence settings
  • OR drag clips on to the new clip icon

Using the source monitor

  • Setting in and out points
  • Using the keyboard
  • Shuttle with j k l
  • Editing with buttons, editing with drag ‘n’ drop
  • Source patching

Editing in the timeline

  • Zooming the timeline with z and \
  • Dragging clips
  • Using “command key” to swap clips
  • Linked selection
  • Trimming clips
  • Track targeting
  • Adding new tracks