Hey, hello, hi, I’m Ian. I like using apostrophe’s correctly.

That was a joke. Other than being hilarious, I work with motion graphics and video for my little company Ketchup, in Sydney, Australia. I like coding away on editing and animation software in my capacity as an Enthusiastic Amateur. You can find a few bits I've worked on below.

Like that logo up there? It's good, isn't it? My friend Chris made it for me.

Ease and Wizz, for After Effects.

A plugin for Adobe After Effects that makes your animation look better with just a click. You can grab it from aescripts.com Here's an intro vid.

Handy lil’ DaVinci Resolve scripts.

A small suite of simple (but sweet) scripts for the edit and grading powerhouse, DaVinci Resolve. You can grab them from BitBucket. I made an intro video for them, too.

Ian’s YouTube Channel.

App tutorials that range from the introductory to the propellerheaded. Visit now!

More Ian.

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